Friday, August 17, 2018

LOCKSS (an award winning digital preservation tool)

As this phrase suggests that when any document have multiple copies kept in different places then it is much more safe for a longer time than the single copy of a document placed with security. Based on this principle LOCKSS program based at Standford University libraries was introduced by the Library Community after extensive research into best practices and risks of long term  preservation of the contents. It is low cost, open source digital preservation system. As this is a  network of libraries participating in this digital preservation program, the libraries are  cooperating with one  another in  keeping their own copies of digital content authoritative and authentic and thus become the self sustainable in preserving their holdings for perpetual  access. In this way it is Digital Preservation through Cooperation.
LOCKSS  program is helpful to both Librarians’ community and publishers’ community to preserve their content for the long term.

For Libraries the digital collection can be preserved by the LOCKSS system to keep it safe and access it far into the  future when the digital content is no longer subscribed i. e. even after the subscription of journals and e-books and other content is cancelled then also we will be able to access the content with the help of LOCKSS. Each participating library has the LOCKSS Box which is guaranteeing the continuous, real time access to the original publication whenever it is needed.

For Publishers the web content on their websites can remain available to access even if their websites is no longer exists for some reasons, i.e. the integrity of their web content will remain unchanged and will be available for perpetual access.

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