Know these effective Gmail tips and tricks!


Undo Send: 

Have you ever sent an email and immediately regretted it? Gmail lets you undo the send within a short time frame (usually a few seconds) after sending an email. To enable this, go to Settings > General > Undo Send and choose a cancellation period.

Scheduled Sending: 
You can compose an email and schedule it to be sent at a later time. While composing an email, click on the drop-down arrow next to the Send button and select "Schedule send."

Offline Mode:
 If you're using the Google Chrome browser, you can enable Gmail's offline mode, allowing you to access and compose emails even when you're not connected to the internet.

Smart Compose: 
Gmail's Smart Compose feature suggests auto-completions as you type, making composing emails faster and easier. It even learns your writing style over time.

Multiple Inboxes: 
If you're using Gmail's web interface, you can enable "Multiple Inboxes" under Settings > Advanced to view multiple panes in your inbox, such as starred emails, drafts, and more.

Search Operators: 
Gmail has powerful search operators that allow you to search for specific emails more effectively. For example, you can use "from:", "to:", "subject:", "filename:", and more to narrow down your search.

Snooze Emails: 
If you want to temporarily hide an email and have it reappear in your inbox later, you can snooze it. Simply click the snooze icon or right-click an email to access this feature.

Canned Responses: 
If you find yourself sending similar emails frequently, use the "Canned Responses" (now known as "Templates") feature to create and insert pre-written responses.

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