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Understanding Information Retrieval Tools

This article is intended mainly for users who frequently struggle to find pertinent papers or articles on a given subject. Which search engine—Google, Google Scholar, and library databases—will be the most appropriate?


The relevance of these information retrieval tools varies according to the type of user. For instance, the general public searching for a certain topic is unlikely to go further into verifying the article's legitimacy or the author's reputation...


  • Google: Best for quick overviews and current information. Limited academic content.
  • Google Scholar: Ideal for initial research and finding citations. Academic focus with citations and metrics.
  • Library Databases: Suitable for in-depth research. Provides access to high-quality, peer-reviewed academic content.


In conclusion, the choice between Google, Google Scholar, and library databases depends on the specific information needs, the depth of research required, and the availability of resources...


  1. Google
  2. Google Scholar

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