OPAC 1.0, OPAC 2.0 & OPAC 3.0


AspectOPAC 1.0OPAC 2.0OPAC 3.0
Cataloging StandardsPrimarily MARC formatIncludes MARC, Dublin CoreFlexible with BIBFRAME, RDF
Search CapabilitiesKeyword and Boolean searchesAdvanced search, faceted searchingSemantic web, natural language processing
Integration CapabilitiesLimited external database integrationAPIs for external data exchangeExtensive APIs, integration with digital libraries
User ExperienceText-based interfacesGraphical user interface, improved navigationCustomizable, mobile-friendly interfaces
Digital Resources ManagementLimited to bibliographic recordsSupport for digital collections, e-resourcesComprehensive digital asset management
Collaboration ToolsNoneLimited, such as shared listsIntegrated social features, user reviews, and group collaboration
Personalization FeaturesNoneUser account with basic customizationAdvanced personalization, including saved searches, alerts, and recommendations
Accessibility ComplianceNot a focusBasic compliance with web accessibility standardsStrong compliance with WCAG, accessible to a wide range of disabilities
Support for Emerging TechnologiesNoneLimited, some web 2.0 featuresIntegration with IoT, AI for enhanced user services and operations

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