Thursday, February 22, 2024 Unveiled: The Modern Academic's Gateway to Research


In the vast ocean of academic research, finding the right paper can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That's where comes into play, revolutionizing the way we access, review, and interact with academic literature. The Open Access movement has given momentum to an increasing number of open-access journals, and focuses on that.

What is

Started in 2022, with a massive repository of 36 million research papers, is not just another search engine; it's a legal treasure trove of knowledge freely available at your fingertips. The database consists of 240,627,322 works, of which 36,713,328 are available with full text PDFs. Its Chrome extension help you download full text PDFs of papers from around the web. While comparing with other databases and research tools such as Semantic Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus, Internet Archive Scholar, etc. stands first in providing largest number of full text articles. 


Six Guiding principles for 

  • Knowledge should be accessible to all.
  • Everyone – from a farmer in Tanzania to a pupil in Guatemala or an engineer in Taiwan – should have access to the same papers as a student at Cambridge.
  • The things that used to hold us back no longer do. With internet access and time, anyone can learn anything. Every paper ever published should be readable for anyone who is interested in it.
  • In the future, all papers will be Open Access.
  • We are building this future.
  • Researchers, PhDs, and students should make a good living, and the value they provide to society should be acknowledged.

A Legal Gateway to Academic Brilliance

Unlike other platforms that tread murky waters, stands out for its commitment to legality and accessibility. This distinction makes it a preferred choice for researchers, scholars, and students alike, ensuring you're accessing information ethically and legally.


Integrated with Litmaps: Your Literature Review Supercharged

Imagine having a personal assistant that not only finds relevant papers but also visually maps out how they connect. That's what offers through its integration with Litmaps. This powerful feature allows you to create an interactive graph of related articles, making your literature review not just thorough but also visually engaging.


Easy to Use

  • Sign Up for Free: Head over to and create your account for free.
  • Search and Discover: Type in your research keywords and dive into a curated list of papers. Refine your search with filters like year and citation count for precision.
  • Access Papers Instantly: Click on a paper to get direct links for reading. No more dead ends or frustrating searches.
  • Explore with Litmaps: Visualize related research and expand your review with ease.
  • Interact with Scholar Mind: Upload a paper and engage in a dialogue, asking specific questions about your research.
  • OA Inside ChatGPT: Enhance your ChatGPT experience with OA by installing its plugin for even more academic insights.

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