MARC21 Code List for Cataloguing Data Entry

Cataloguing Data Entry Guidelines

MARC 21 Code List

TAG No. Item Id Description
020 ISBN Write ISBN without dash.
'volume and set' in brackets after one space
e.g.1. 9780871707116 (v.15) for volume 15
e.g.2. 091571801x (set) for complete set
e.g.3. 091571801 (pbk) for paperback
e.g.4. 9788132108580 (hbk) for hardbound
082 Call no. a. 025.32 (classification no.)
b. G68c4 (book no.)
100 Main Entry- Personal Name Surname, Forename
Capitalize the first letter of each word.
e.g.1. Rathakrishnan, Ethirajan
e.g.2. Hitz, C. Breck
e.g.3. Bhalla, G. S. (Bhalla coma space G dot space S dot)
110 a
Main Entry-Corp Name Government, Institutions, etc
(a) India.
(b) High Court of Justice, National Tuberculosis Association
111 a
Main Entry-Meeting/Conf./Workshop/Seminar Name a. Name of the conf.
Conference on Atlantic Web Intelligence (write first letter of each word in capital)
c. Place of conf.
Fribourg, Switzerland or Kanpur, India
d. Year of conf.
n. No. of conf.
e.g. International Symposium on Quality Control (2nd: 1959: Princeton University, Argentina)
in case of proceedings write as below in subtitle (245 b) proceedings... with three dots
245 (a) Title Capitalize the first letter of the word of title and also capitalize the nouns
e.g. 1. Fictional world of Kiran Desai in Lucknow
e.g. 2. Metals and the Royal Society
e.g. 3. In case of multiple volumes set, write volume no. after title, without space (local variation)
Analytical methods in supramolecular chemistry [2v.] (in case of 2 vols set)
e.g. 4. In case of single volume no. Automation [v.4]
245 (b) Sub title Start writing with small running letters
e.g. from difference to diversity
245 (c) Statements of responsibility 1. Enter without "by" for Author. edited by for editor, translated by for translator, compiled by for compilers, illustrated by for illustrators etc. in case all are available, sequence is editor, compiler, illustrator, translator.
2. For more than three authors, editors, illustrators etc., write first author space then three dots then write square brackets then write at one space all. [et al.]
e.g. Pankaj Arora [et al.]
3. In case of two or three authors, editors etc. write and between them as below (not symbol &)
e.g. Pankaj Arora; Biyani and Salil Dave
e.g. edited by G.S. Bhalla and A. Biyani
250 Edition Without dot
e.g. 4th 3rd 22nd rev. enl.
2nd rev.
260 a Imprint Place of publication Write first place name in case of multiple places given on the title page
e.g.1. Kanpur, Delhi, Lucknow
Write Kanpur
260 b Publisher Name The publisher is written as given on title page
e.g.1. Oxford University Press
[Don't abbreviate publisher name like Oxf. Univ. Press]
260 c Year of publication Write the year of publication as given on the title page. Choose latest published year according to edition.
Don't use reprint year
300 a
300 e
Physical description
e.g. (a) lx, 419p space after lx,
in case of multiple vols.
3v. (vol. 1, 2 & 3 in bracket after v.)

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