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CDS/ISIS software was promoted and distributed in India by: NISSAT
Which of the following is FREEWARE ILS? ABCD
RFP stands for: Request for Proposal
What is library trinity? Document, User, Staff
Which of the following library activities is supported by linked open data? Integration of external name authority data
Library networks originated in which generation? Second
Modern ILSs are based on which architecture? Web
RFID stands for? Radio Frequency Identification
NCIP is related with: Circulation
ISO 2709 standard appeared in: 1973
Which State in India declared Koha as the official ILS for the public libraries? Kerala
Cloud based library automation originated in: Fifth generation automation
ASLIB stands for: Association for Information Management
MARC 21 is a family of --------- standards. Five
John Shaw Billing, the founder of automation process was a librarian of: Surgeon - General's Library, US
Development of WorldCat started in: 1975
FOLIO is the new name of: Open Library Environment (OLE)
Abstract Reference Model is a product of: Open Library Environment (OLE)
If a publication is made Open Access after payment, it is called Gold Route
Hybrid Open Access Journal means Subscription based journal where some articles are open access
Who funded SHERPA project JISC
Which SHERPA project enumerates publishers’ policies regarding self-archiving Romeo
Which SHERPA project enumerates the funding agencies' archiving policies Juliet
Embargo period in Open Access means Delayed Open Access
Which colour code indicates archiving preprint and postprint Green
Which colour code indicates archiving final draft post-refereeing Blue
What is OCR? Converting scanned image into a text file
Used for animation? GIFF
Not suitable for line art? JPEG
Not a video format? Digital Movie Format (DMF)
For long term preservation what dpi is recommended? 600 dpi
Used for image editing? Gimp
Which colour code indicates archiving preprint only (pre-refereeing) Yellow
Which colour code indicates archiving not allowed White
metadata schema are? Dublin Core, MODS, MARCXML
Government related metadata schema? GILS and eGMS
Metadata can be categorised into structural, preservation, descriptive
An open source software for digital libraries? FedoraCommons
RFPs are important as: These act as guiding documents for both ILS developers and library automation managers
Who said OSS is necessary for the improvement of computer applications? Eric Lease Morgan
What is O3 Library? It has three strands, open contents, open source software, and open standards
Which metadata scheme DSpace supports? MODS, MARCXML, Dubin Core
Who said "You might well need a higher level of technical understanding, but with good open source solutions help is often just an e-mail message away"? Andy Powell
MARC 21 format for community information deals with: Non-bibliographic data
Copyright laws are mostly publisher friendly
Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act is nicknamed as Mickey Mouse Protection Act
The statement on “Open Access to Scholarly Literature and Research Documentation” was released by IASLIC
The 5XX block of the MARC 21 bibliographic format includes: Notes fields
ISBD (S) for description of serials is renamed as: ISBD (CR)
Z 39.83 standard is related with: NCIP
The IRSpy service provides: List of Z 39.50 servers
Added Entry block of MARC 21 bibliographic format is: 7XX
Considered as the de facto international bibliographic format? MARC 21
Freeware ILS? ABCD
Koha is using: Zebra search engine
Koha released under the GPL for other people to use in: July 2000
In Maori language Koha means: Unconditional Gift
Which of the following statements was not an objective of ILS - DI project? To develop SoA based ILS
Integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in ILS is recommended by: Open Library Environment (OLE)
What is the full form of FOLIO? Future of Library id Open

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