Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Links from google search results to books held in libraries


OCLC and Google are working together on a new program to make the print books of hundreds of US libraries, cataloged in the WorldCat, discoverable directly through the google search.
Moreover this program is planning to expand this program and connecting to the collection of more and more libraries in the future.  

With thousands of library members in more than 100 countries, OCLC is nonprofit global library organization that  provide webscale management services, original research and community programs to member libraries. Libraries getting benefits from the OCLC's Worldshare Management Services, which is a cloud based integrated suit of library management and discovery applications, offering librarians to manage comprehensive and cost effective way to manage library services.

WorldCat is a worldwide database of information about the library collection available in member libraries of OCLC. The WorldCat bibliographic records includes, Books, print journals, and other physical materials that is available to the users in libraries, such as DVDs, videogames, historic photos, musical scores, newspapers and webpages, etc. OCLC's team of experts, data quality specialists, and library staff is continuously engaged in enriching and updating the Worldcat records, making these records the highest standard quality records. Many librarians across the world are getting benefit from the sharing of library metadata and bibliographic records in terms of saving time they spend on cataloging and maintaining standards in bibliographic data in all libraries. By taking the advantage of Linked Data opportunities, OCLC is helping the libraries to make their library data more discoverable. 

The links to library catalogs can be found in Google books previews while searching for a particular book, under ‘Get’ or ‘Borrow’ the book options within Google Books previews. Click the video for the details. 



In this way google can connect to many local libraries by providing search feature for their library collection. This program will improve the visibility of the collection of local libraries and give the people ease of reaching the particular library collection.





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