Thursday, September 22, 2022

Most Popular Open Source and free Library Management Software

Most Popular Open Source 
and free Library Management Software                                                                                                                                                           


1. Koha                                           
Koha is a full-featured open-source ILS. Developed initially in New Zealand by Katipo Communications Ltd and first deployed in January of 2000 for Horowhenua Library Trust, Koha is currently maintained by a team of software providers and library technology staff from around the globe. The name comes from a Māori term for a gift or donation.




2. Evergreen                                
The Evergreen Project develops an open source ILS (integrated library system) used by more than 2,000 libraries around the world.The Evergreen Project was initiated by the Georgia Public Library System in 2006 to serve their need for a scalable catalog shared by (as of now) more than 275 public libraries in the state of Georgia.



3. OPALS                                          
OPALS is a proven, open-source automated library system. Whether your library has hundreds of resources or millions, there is likely a library just like yours that has adopted OPALS. Well over 2000 libraries around the world use OPALS every day to manage library resources that hundreds of thousands of library members can access on the Web in their institutions, at home or at a local cafe.
OPALS Support and Hosting  
Media Flex supports OPALS in the United States. There are no license fees for OPALS and  reasonably priced subscription fees and Internet hosting services provide funding for the outstanding support and computer engineering staff. Bibliofiche provides support & services to Canadian and international libraries.

4. OpenBiblio                                
Openbiblio was created in 2002 by Dave Stevens, who was interested in creating an easy-to-use, well-documented, easy-to-install library system.The current maintainer is Hans van der Weij. After 2017, the current version with a variety of options and bugfixes was published on 

5. NewGenLib                                
NewGenLib is an integrated library management system developed by Verus Solutions Pvt Ltd. Domain expertise is provided by Kesavan Institute of Information and Knowledge Management in Hyderabad, India. NewGenLib version 1.0 was released in March 2005. On 9 January 2008, NewGenLib was declared free and open-source under GNU GPL.The latest version of NewGenLib is 3.1.1 released on 16 April 2015.

6. PMB                                           
PMB is a fully featured open source integrated library system. It is continuously developed and maintained by the French company PMB Services.


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