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INFED provides solution for accessing e-resources from anywhere and anytime

INFED provides solution for accessing e-resources from anywhere and  anytime.

Academic institutions provide e-resources to their users but they are not fully used by the users due to the restriction put by the service providers’ i. e. publishers as they do not allow the access of e-resources out of the organization’s IP access range. If the user is outside the campus then he is not able to access the resources. Some organizations provide their users the facility of accessing the e-resources through the SSL-VPN virtual private network, but they are very few.

 INFED (Inflibnet Access Management Federation) has the solution for this. If any institution becomes the member of it then he is provided the facility of using an Open source Software “Shibboleth” which is based on the SAML Standard.
 “Security Assertion Markup Language  is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties, in particular, between an identity provider and a service provider.(
Shibbolethprovides federated single sign on mechanism to their users for accessing the multiple e-resources from anywhere at any time.
Users can access multiple e-resources through the federated search engine that brings all the resources together and users are free from keeping multiple passwords for multiple resources as this is single sign on. Another benefit for users is, accessing the e-resources from anywhere and at any time as long as Internet connection is on.
INFED works as a bridge between the Institutions and publishers and trust also as both can rely on the mechanism of the safe and secure transfer of metadata between them. Around 47 academic institutions and universities and 33 service providers are the member of INFED.
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