Thursday, August 06, 2020

What for Libraries in New education policy of India?

The New Education Policy 2020 (NEP2020) the first education policy of the 21st century to replace the 34 years old National Policy on Education (NPE), 1986. The NEP 2020 is based on the foundational pillars Access, Affordability, Equity, Quality, and Accountability.

A national Book Promotion Policy will be formulated and extensive initiatives will be taken to increase the accessibility and availability of learning materials across geographies and languages. 

Here are the developments in the digital libraries and school/public libraries, the government will work on,  to promote the readership habit, maximum use of libraries, to ensure the availability and accessibility of books to the students without any barrier of language, technology, and geographies. 



Developing enjoyable and inspirational books

Enjoyable and inspirational books will be developed for the students at all levels in all local and Indian languages. Steps will be taken to ensure the accessibility of books to disable and differently-abled persons. The government, with the help of both public and private sector institutions, will devise strategies to improve the quality and attractiveness of books. 







Making the availability and accessibility of books in school / public libraries

The government will emphasize making books available extensively in both schools and public libraries. The government will take steps to ensure the availability and accessibility of books to all, including persons having disabilities and differently-abled persons using modern ICT technologies across the country. The main emphasis will be on the socioeconomically disadvantaged areas and rural/ remote areas.



Building a culture of reading across the country


Both public and school libraries will be extensively enhanced to increase the readership and readers across the country. Public libraries will be strengthened and modernized. An adequate supply of books that cater to the needs and interests of communities will be ensured. Establishing more children’s library and mobile library and social book clubs across the country to support widespread reading and community development.




ICT equipped school/public libraries in  villages

To serve the community and the students particularly in villages during non-school hours, the ICT equipped school/public libraries will be set up. Book club facilities will be developed to further promote widespread reading.


Libraries will be strengthened in the higher education systems


Academic libraries are the hearts of institutions and the government will strengthen and increase the procurement of reading materials like books, journals, and other learning and teaching materials. Steps will be taken for further enhancement of digital libraries and online accessibility of library books. E-content will be provided in regional languages also.

Use of Public library spaces for adult education

The government will work on providing suitable infrastructure to ensure adult education and lifelong learning to interested adults. The public library spaces will be used for ICT equipped adult education courses and other activities for community engagement and enrichment.



Devise appropriate CPD for  library staff

To realize the aim of establishing, developing, and strengthening existing libraries and catering to the needs of all types of readers across the country, the government will devise appropriate career pathways development for the library staff and ensure adequate staff for the proper functioning.





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