Monday, August 03, 2020

Why publish open access?

Why publish open access?

It is really important that scientific discoveries be made freely and readily available to the research community so that, they have the most impact on moving science forward. Open access to the articles has huge benefits, the more people have access to the research, the more will be able to advance and approve those findings through their work.

Copyrights are owned by the authors

In the case of open access journals, the copyrights are owned by the authors unlike the articles behind the paywalls in which, no part of the article can be reused by the researchers without the permission
of publishers.

You are free to share your research with the
world anytime

Under open access, the author owns the copyright of work (CC-BY)  license and can share it anywhere at any time. Readers are free to access, download, and share your work without any fee.
In CC-BY license, anyone may copy, distribute, or reuse these articles, as long as the author and original source are properly cited.

Getting more visibility and credibility

Open access articles are also fully indexed and easily searchable online. They are more likely to be cited as
they are more discoverable and visible. Thus, open access helps you get noticed and get credit.

It helps accelerate discoveries

When your work is immediately available to the researchers and they are free to access the full text, reuse, and share it further. Without delays and barriers, researchers can use and work upon the findings of others, this accelerates the research. 

Open access removes the barrier of paywalls

Open access allows everyone to benefit from your research, not just a selected group of researchers and users from institutions paying a lot to access paid

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