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  1. Nov 2023. Metadata at Its Origin: Publishers Talk About Metadata (Nov.2023) (Library Technology Guides)
  2. Nov 2023. Rewarding open practices in research publishing (Nov.2023)(Research Information)
  3. Nov 2023. Practical, responsible and human-centered: the future of AI in libraries (PressReader)
  4. Nov 2023. What should metadata managers be learning? (Hanging Together)
  5. Nov 2023. Plan S’ 2022 Report: ‘Clearly Disappointing’
  6. Nov 2023. New Research Finds “Digitizing Books Can Spur Demand For Physical Copies” (Infodocket)
  7. Nov 2023. Free Ebook Foundation and OAPEN collaborate to check DOAB links (Library Technology Guides)
  8. Nov 2023. The public domain is important. So is the public’s vote  (Everybody's Libraries)
  9. Nov 2023. IFLA releases How to spot fake e-mail infographic
  10. Nov 2023. Clarivate to Present at the RBC Capital Markets 2023 Technology, Internet, Media and Telecommunications Conference on November 14, 2023 (Library Technology Guides)
  11. Nov 2023. On making libraries and museums more accessible for autistic people (October) (Sage)
  12. Nov 2023. Beyond books: Librarian's job an ever-evolving role
  13. Nov 2023. Research Publishing: Projekt DEAL, Springer Nature in New Five-Year Accord
  14. Nov 2023. Why We Need Public Libraries Now More than Ever
  15. Nov 2023. Who should pay for open-access publishing? APC alternatives emerge
  16. Nov 2023. BIBFRAME Must Die (Scholarsphere)
  17. Nov 2023. A reservoir not an ocean - visualizing and operationalizing collective collections (
  18. Nov 2023. Lewis G. Liu, Harold Gee, Charles Terng, Are public libraries efficient? Evaluating scale economies of public libraries in the U.S. with a cost function approach, Library & Information Science Research, Volume 45, Issue 4, 2023, 101271, ISSN 0740-8188,
    (Oct. 2023) (ScienceDirect)
  19. Nov 2023. O'Neill, Jill (Nov. 2023) The Necessity of Book Reviews (Scholarly Kitchen)
  20. Nov 2023. Alma Celebrates 2500 Library Milestone  (Library Technology Guides)
  21. Nov 2023. Call for papers: IFLA Journal Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence (AI): Transforming Global Librarianship (IFLA)
  22. Nov 2023. Meta Provides Expanded Access to its Content and Library API to Facilitate Data Research
  23. Nov 2023. The Benefits of a Study Support Ecosystem for Teens at the Library (Princh Blog)
  24. Nov 2023. Bhatt, Jay and Willems, Linda (2021) Preprints: best practice tips librarians can share with researchers (Elsevier Connect)
  25. Nov 2023. How Singapore's public libraries survived the digital onslaught (Today Online)
  26. Nov 2023. Are public libraries dying? Not in Singapore — far from it (Today Online)
  27. Nov 2023. Accelerating action for libraries in the MENA region (Nov. 2023) (IFLA)
  28. Nov 2023. OCLC named 'Best Place to Work in IT' by computerworld (OCLC)
  29. Nov 2023. Libraries seeing revival under Smart Cities mission [Hindustan Times]
  30. Nov 2023.  Is Elsevier free or paid? [Citylife]

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