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  1. Sep 2023. Twitter metrics in PlumX to be discontinued on Scopus (August 2023) (Scopus)
  2. Sep 2023. Lo, L. S. (2023). AI policies across the globe: Implications and recommendations for libraries. IFLA Journal0(0)
  3. Sep 2023. Open science round-up: August 2023 (International Science Council)
  4. Sep 2023. EBSCO Helps Librarians Build Spanish Collections
  5. Sep 2023. users can now purchase books from independent bookstores through (August 2023) (OCLC)
  6. Sep 2023.  Ball, Cheryl E. ...[et al.] (2023) Finding the Right Platform: A Crosswalk of Academy-Owned and Open-Source Digital Publishing Platforms 
  7. Sep 2023. 4 things libraries need to budget for in the next 5 years (CHEAT SHEET) (August 2023) (Pressreader)
  8. Sep 2023Scopus introduces a new researcher signal - Author Position metric (July 2023) (Scopus)
  9. Sep 2023Open Funder Registry to Transition into Research Organization Registry (ROR) (Infodocket)
  10. Sep 2023OCLC awarded IMLS grant to support library learning in digital collections stewardship. (Sep. 2023) (Library Technology Guides)
  11. Sep 2023. Volunteering at a Library: Enriching Communities and Personal Growth(Princh blog)
  12. Sep 2023The Open Access Fund at Edinburgh University Press: An Interview with Nicola Ramsey (Sep. 2023) (Scholarly Kitchen)
  13. Sep 2023. Rea, Amy (Sep. 2023). Page Public Library, Community Heartbeat | Best Small Library In America, 2023 (Library Journal)
  14. Sep 2023. Clarivate showcases next-generation IP management software at PIFC in Japan (Sep. 2023) (Library Technology Guides)
  15. Sep 2023Does A VPN Slow Down Your Internet Connection Speed? (Sep. 2023) (Scholarly OA)
  16. Sep 2023WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property and Frontier Technologies (WIPO)
  17. Sep 2023Over 100 libraries now live on Innovative's LX Starter (Sep. 2023) (Library Technology Guides)
  18. Sep 2023. Price, Gary (Sep. 2023) Report: Four Textbook Publishers Sue ‘Shadow Library’ Library Genesis Over Pirated Books” (Infodocket) 
  19. Sep 2023Registration for International Data Week (IDW) 2023 (IDW)
  20. Sep 2023Open access in scholarly publishing: Where are we now? (Research Information)
  21. Sep 2023Clarivate unveils Citation Laureates 2023: annual list of researchers of Nobel class (Sep. 2023)(Library Technology Guides)
  22. Sep 2023Williams, Wayne ((Sep. 2023). 10 years on, the Internet Archive now offers over 250,000 emulated games and programs that run in your browser  (BetaNews)
  23. Sep 2023 ACS Publications announces new zero-embargo green open access option (Sep. 2023) (ACS Open Science)
  24. Sep 2023LAURA BROWN, ERICH VAN RIJN, ROGER C. SCHONFELD, JOHN SHERER (Sep 2023). Open Access and Sales Revenue Can Co-Exist (The Scholarly Kitchen)
  25. Sep 2023. Four Easy Ways to Step Up Digital Magazine Marketing in Your Library  (EBSCO)
  26. Sep 2023. Best Master’s In Library Science Online Programs Of 2023 (Forbes)
  27. Sep 2023. Preprints are now in Scopus! (SCOPUS)
  28. Sep 2023Using AI for Metadata Tagging to Improve Resource Discovery (April 2023)(Choice 360)    
  29. Sep 2023
    Marc Nielsen (September 2023) Out of print: can libraries survive the digital age? (Desert News)
  30. Sep 2023Jolabokaflod: The Icelandic Tradition of Giving Books on Christmas Eve (Martha Stewart)

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