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  1. June 2023. O’Donnell, Jim (May 2023) Inclusiveness through Openness (IFLA)
  2. June 2023. FOLIO Launches Orchid Release (May 2023) (Library Technology Guides)
  3. June 2023. Sanderson, Katharine (June 2023) EU council’s ‘no pay’ publishing model draws mixed response (Nature)
  4. June 2023. SOLUS welcomes City of Randwick to The Library App (June 2023)(Library Technology Guides) 
  5. June 2023. Intellectual Property Will Play Critical Role in the Achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals (May 2023) (WIPO)
  6. June 2023. How to market new digital resources at your library branch (June 2022) (Pressreader)
  7. June 2023. Westin, Monica. 1970s librarians who revolutionized the challenge of search (Aeon.co)
  8. June 2023. Blackman, Malorie (June 2023). Libraries should be ‘ringfenced and protected’, Malorie Blackman says (Theguardian)
  9. June 2023. Moody, Glyn (June 2023). Here’s another important reason why academics should publish in open access titles: self interest (Walled Culture)
  10. June 2023. Sherer, John (March 2023). Open Access for Monographs is Here. But Are we Ready for It? (The Scholarly Kitchen)
  11. June 2023. Search-A basic guide for Internet Archive. (Internet Archive)
  12. June 2023. Subaveerapandiyan, A., Sunanthini, C., & Amees, M. (2023). A study on the knowledge and perception of artificial intelligence. IFLA Journal, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1177/03400352231180230
  13. June 2023. Ozel, Cem (June 2023). Guest Post – A Bibliometric Analysis of The Scholarly Kitchen. (The Scholarly Kitchen)
  14. June 2023. The Librarian's Role in Education Is Vital  (Psychologytoday)
  15. June 2023. LibLime migrates six public libraries to Bibliovation 7.2 (Library Technology Guides)
  16. June 2023. From open access to openly accessible (Research information info)
  17. June 2023. More libraries sign on to OCLC's WorldShare Management Services platform (June 2023)(Library Technology Guides)
  18. June 2023. Sage Buys Hubro Education (Information Today)
  19. June 2023. Just Released by ALA and Freely Available to Download: “Libraries Build Business Communications Toolkit(InfoDocket)
  20. June 2023. New Open Access Toolkit to Empower Scholarly Publishers and Researchers (June 2023) (DOAJ)
  21. June 2023. Moving away from APCs: a multi-stakeholder working group convened by cOAlition S, Jisc and PLOS - The Official PLOS Blog (PLOS)
  22. June 2023. The Marrakesh Treaty Turns Ten: Lessons Learned in the United States (IFLA)

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