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  1. Nov 2022. Libraries essential in providing evidence for sustainable development (IFLA)
  3. Nov 2022.  9th Sharjah International Library Conference to offer key networking and development opportunities to global industry professionals
  4. Nov 2022. The Predator Effect: Understanding the Past, Present and Future of Deceptive Academic Journals
  5. Nov 2022. Libraries and Museums Now Eligible for All Microsoft Nonprofit Offers
  6. Nov 2022. SAGE India to shut book operations soon
  7. Nov 2022. Royal Society of Chemistry commits to 100% Open Access
  8. Nov 2022. The six best preprint servers for AI research publication
  9. Nov 2022. Digital database Z-Library’s domains seized by the FBI
  10. Nov 2022. Time to curb the data brokers
  11. Nov 2022. Internet Archive announced a new project: “Democracy’s Library”
  12. Nov 2022. Fully OA Publishers – The Future of Open
  13. Nov 2022. Guest Post – Wikipedia’s Citations Are Influencing Scholars and Publishers
  14. Nov 2022. Next Generation Library Publishing: “From Vision to Reality"
  15. Nov 2022. Wikipedia editors get easier access to Taylor & Francis journals in renewed agreement
  16. Nov 2022. WIPO’s ABC Launches an Online Course on Accessible Publishing Concepts for Publishers (
  17. Nov 2022. DOAB officially launches its new service to further build trust in peer review and open access academic book publishing (DOAB)
  18. Nov 2022. Elsevier is moving fast to meet the different demands for Open Access (Elsevier)
  19. Nov 2022.  Open Repositories 2023. Stellenbosch, South Africa 18th International Conference on Open Repositories. 12th-15th June 2023 
  20. Nov 2022. The E-Book Wars
  21. Nov 2022. Ebooks Made Me Fall Back in Love With Reading (Wired)
  22. Nov 2022. Clarivate announces 2022 highly cited researchers list (Research Information)
  23. Nov 2022. The Impact of OA: Preparing for a New Cycle of Change in Scholarly Publishing (Information Today)
  24. Nov 2022. 2022 Internet Archive Hero Award: Carl Malamud (Internet Archive Blogs)
  25. Nov 2022. 6 Tips For Taking Your Library’s Social Media To The Next Level!
  26. Nov 2022. Why don’t we share data and code? Perceived barriers and benefits to public archiving practices (MetaArXiv Preprints)
  27. Nov 2022. What role can librarians play in building confidence in research?
  28. Nov 2022. Do you know what makes the NFTBOOKS platform different and unique? (NFTBOOKS)
  29. Nov 2022. Building a bigger picture: The Altmetric Advantage (Altmetric)
  30. Nov 2022. IEEE Commits its Entire Hybrid Journal Portfolio to Transformative Journal Status Aligned with Plan S (IEEE)

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2022 - Links@libcognizance 


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