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  1. March 2023. Foreman, Addison (Feb. 2023). LIBBY: THE APP EVERY READER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT. (Her Campus)
  2. March 2023. The Certificate in OER Librarianship (Open Education Network)
  3. March 2023. Vershagen, Nina and Elliott, Hannah (Feb. 2023). Instagram: The new way to connect with students  (Elsevier)
  4. March 2023. Springer Nature continues to drive global OA transition with new Transformative Agreements in America, Asia, Europe and Africa (STM Publishing News)
  5. March 2023. A webinar on"How to use NextGen metrics in your journal selection strategy",  22nd March 2023 | 3:00pm GMT (Digital Science)
  6. March 2023. Taylor, Mike and Kamalski, Judith (2012). The changing face of journal metrics. (Elsevier Connect)
  7. March 2023. Webinar series on Research Data Management (RDM). "From Strategy to Impact: What you need is an infrastructure (people & technology) and a mindshift". Three discussions. on 9, 16, 23 March 2023 at 14:00 CET (Elsevier)
  8. March 2023. IFLA report: copyright & cross-border challenges in preservation (March 2023) (IFLA)
  9. March 2023. School libraries are still essential, even in this digital age (Chicago Suntimes)
  10. March 2023. DOAJ new service "New filter: author retains all rights" (DOAJ)
  11. March 2023. Adams, Caralee (March 2023). Saving 4 Million Books From Landfill (Internet Archive Blogs)
  12. March 2023. The International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) have issued a statement on the metadata rights of libraries (Information Today Europe ILI365)
  13. March 2023. Duffy, Kate (March 2023). Gen Zers are bookworms but say they're shunning e-books because of eye strain, digital detoxing, and their love for libraries. (Business Insider)
  14. March 2023. DeLory, Colleen (March 2020). You’re an amazing librarian! Does your profile say so?  (Elsevier Connect)
  15. March 2023.  Leigh Beeson (March 2023). People don’t know what a preprint is. Here’s why that matters. (UGA Today)
  16. March 2023. Price, Gary (March 2023). Delta Think: “Open Access Charges – Continued Consolidation and Increases” (Infodocket)
  17. March 2023. Call for papers, 2023 Annual Forum for Open Research in MENA, 23rd-24th October | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Forum for Open Research)
  18. March 2023. CORE-GPT: Combining Open Access research and AI for credible, trustworthy question answering (CORE)
  19. March 2023. Open Science course available on new knowledge platform (The Dutch Research Council (NWO))
  20. March 2023. Limitations and Exceptions to Copyright and Neighbouring Rights in the Digital Environment: An International Library Perspective (2004) (IFLA)
  21. March 2023. Hansen, Dave ...(et al.) (March 2023) The Internet Archive Is a Library (Inside Higher ED)
  22. March 2023. 10 years in Marrakesh: what does the data say? (IFLA)
  23. March 2023.  Senzon, Julia (2023). Future of Scholarly Communications Committee Promotes Equitable, Sustainable Academic Publications at Faculty Senate Meeting (The Cornel Daily Sun)
  24. March 2023. ChatGPT launches boom in AI-written e-books on Amazon (By Greg Bensinger)
  25. March 2023. Digitising archives at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library to begin soon (newindianexpress)
  26. March 2023. This Author Self-Published Her Book and Sold More Than 500,000 Copies. Here's How She Did It. (Entrepreneur)
  27. March 2023. Women are now publishing more books than men—and it's good for business (By Cassie Werber)
  28. March 2023. Sawahel, Wagdy (March 2023). Open science drive gets buy-in from university leaders. (University World News)
  29. March 2023. The Internet Archive Loses on Controlled Digital Lending (The Scholarly Kitchen)
  30. March 2023. The French Open Science Monitor 2022: 67% of publications in open access and new indicators for research data and codes and software (March 2023) (ouvrirlascience)
  31. March 2023. Conversion to Open Access using equitable new model sees upsurge in usage of expert scientific knowledge (March 2023) (Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers)

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