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  1. Feb 2024. Diamond Open Access: DIAMAS Publishes Institutional Publishing Landscape Survey Results
  2. Feb 2024. OCLC linked data services transform metadata management and connect library resources to wider knowledge streams (OCLC)
  3. Feb 2024. World Intellectual Property Day 2024 Youth Video CompetitionSubmit your video entry from January 8 to March 10, 2024. (WIPO)
  4. Feb 2024. So Long to the Google Cache, Time to Consider the Wayback Machine Browser Extension/Add-On (If You’re Not Already Using It (InfoDocket)
  5. Feb 2024. Taking a More Strategic (and Effective) Approach to Library Marketing (Princh)
  6. Feb 2024. Public library trends and innovations to watch for in 2024 (Pressreader)
  7. Feb 2024. Four Ways GOBI Library Solutions is Helping Libraries Address the Need for Diverse Content (EBSCO)
  8. Feb 2024. AI, the Next Chapter for College Librarians
  9. Feb 2024. 7 Best Content Management Software (CMS) Systems Of 2024 (Forbes.com)
  10. Feb 2024. 2024 LibLearnX Wrap-Up
  11. Feb 2024. Libraries still connect people to information, resources
  12. Feb 2024. CC OPEN EDUCATION PLATFORM ACTIVITIES: 2023 IN REVIEW (Creative Commons)
  13. Feb 2024. From Raw Data to Clear Insights – Ex Libris Introduces Visualization Dashboards for Enhanced Decision-Making (Exlibris)
  14. Feb 2024. AI challenges for librarians (Research Information)
  15. Feb 2024. 18 more libraries sign on to OCLC's WorldShare Management Services platform to close 2023 (OCLC)
  16. Feb 2024. The role of AI in library services
  17. Feb 2024. Price, Gary (Feb 2024). Journal Citation Reports (JCR): Clarivate Announces Changes to Journal Impact Factor Category Rankings (Library Journal)
  18. Feb 2024. The National Library of Sweden makes strategic decision to implement a new Library Service Platform (Library Technology Guides)
  19. Feb 2024. How the Internet is propelling the resurgence and growth of printed books (The Star)
  20. Feb 2024. Go through this open access article, de Winter, J. Can ChatGPT be used to predict citation counts, readership, and social media interaction? An exploration among 2222 scientific abstracts. Scientometrics (2024). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11192-024-04939-y
  21. Feb 2024. Huang, CK., Neylon, C., Montgomery, L. et al. Open access research outputs receive more diverse citations. Scientometrics 129, 825–845 (2024). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11192-023-04894-0
  22. Feb 2024. arXiv:2402.11203Exploring ChatGPT for Next-generation Information Retrieval: Opportunities and Challenges (Arxiv)
  23. Feb 2024. Role of Librarians in fighting misinformation: A Librarian’s experience on Wikipedia (IFLA)
  24. Feb 2024. Clarivate recognized in the WTR 1000 2024 for trademark business  (Library Technology Guides)
  25. Feb 2024. Print-And-Play Games: Exciting Ideas For Your Library (Princh Blog)
  26. Feb 2024. Call for ENSULIB Newsletter Articles (June 2024) (IFLA)
  27. Feb 2024. Library Conservation Specialists Help Save Books, Artifacts After Disasters Around the World  (Library of Congress)
  28. Feb 2024. Books and looks: gen Z is ‘rediscovering’ the public library (The Guardian)
  29. Feb 2024. CFP: AI and Libraries Mini-Conference (Virtual) - March 21, 2024 (A Library Writer's Blog)

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